Amber & Jay

Hoping to Adopt (Texas)


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Mindy Dixon

Friend and Colleague

Amber and Jay are loving parents who shepherd children well. They are in a committed, stable marriage and are surrounded by an excellent support system of family and friends. Their daughter is happy, thriving, and has a wonderful relationship with her birth mother that Amber and Jay facilitate and encourage. They are an excellent example of a healthy birth parent - adoptive parent partnership.

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Kyle Dillard

Co-worker and friend

I have known Jay & Amber for almost ten years; we have all worked together at a private school in Austin loving on kids and doing life together along the way. Any child would be surrounded with endless LOVE in the care of these two (three counting big sister!). They are wonderful, hard-working people with hearts ready to love any child placed in their care. What an honor to know them and watch their family grow!

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